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Bespoke Millinery

Bespoke millinery is the heart of Atelier Zani. Bespoke hats elevate our everyday and crown our celebration of special events. My joy in millinery comes from using traditional millinery and hatting crafts to color and brighten a client's dreams. 


I make all hats by hand in my studio in Oakland, California. I prefer to use vintage and deadstock felts, straws, and trims. These vintage materials are often unique, of high quality, and provide a better socio-environmental impact when compared to most modern materials. Using vintage materials adds historical and personal significance to each hat. I am confident that my vintage supplies will fulfill your hat visions--but be aware that there may be delays in production depending on your vision and what is currently in my stock.


For design inspiration, I invite you to peruse my portfolio for examples of past creations. 

Bespoke orders take around 4 weeks, and as much as 8 weeks, to complete. This includes design time, sourcing materials, crafting, and shipping your hat.

Please note that I am not accepting any new bespoke orders until November 2023. To schedule a design consultation or place a bespoke order, please get in touch with me via the contact page or email at

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