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A Note On Heirloom Hats

Zani crafts her heirloom-quality hats using traditional blocking, draping, and handsewing techniques. Most Atelier hats are made entirely by hand, without the aid of machine sewing: small expert touches, such as an invisible stitch along the brim edge, add a bit of magic that distinguishes an Atelier hat from one manufactured for the retail market. Because milliner Zani makes each hat by hand, she is able to make adjustments for a bespoke fit and look. Vintage ribbons and trims make each hat irreproducible and personal to the wearer. When properly maintained, an Atelier hat will provide decades of beauty and use.

Atelier Zani hats are meant to be repaired and refitted over the lifetime of the hat: this is part of their beauty. For a specific adjustment or repair, please get in touch with Zani.

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