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Hat sizing is highly personal and depends on your individual size, headshape, hair style, and preferred wear.  All bespoke orders come with a custom fitting.  

Atelier Zani hats are unisex. Most hat shops sell hats in gendered hat sizes (i.e. men's 7 1/4" or women's small) that are difficult to understand, vary by brand, and add an unnecessary gender divide. At Atelier Zani, I sell hats in unisex sizes.


Fedoras and other hats with crowns are sold by crown circumference and headshape. The average American hat size is 22 1/2" oval. My Signature collection hats are available in sizes 21" to 23 1/2"  (in round oval, wide oval, and long oval) and may be custom ordered at any size within that range.


Many of my one-of-a-kind vintage hat blocks produce a limited size range. Hats sold one-of-a-kind in the shop can generally be sized ¼” larger or smaller: so, for example, a one-of-a-kind 22” fedora could be resized to fit as small as 21 ¾” or as large as 22 ¼”. 

To determine your preferred fit for a crowned hat, you will need two sets of measurements: your head size and your hat size. Hat size is generally 1/4" larger than your head size: so if your head circumference is 22" then your hat size is likely 22 1/4". Your hat size will depend on how you like to wear your hats. If hats generally fit you too tight in the front or sides, then a proper fitting will include additional measurements to determine if you have a round oval or long oval headshape. All bespoke orders come with a custom fitting in which I guide you through finding your head size, hat size, and preferred fit.

Fascinators, button hats, whimsies and other hats without crowns are sold unsized and fit around the head with an elastic or comb.

For any fit questions, please get in touch!

How to Measure Your Head For a Hat
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