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Mitchell Homburg

Mitchell Homburg


A classic homburg shape with an unusual color story: slate gray, shell pink, and magenta. This hat's colors are inspired by Joan Mitchell's abstract expressionist paintings. I found this pink ribbon in a dusty back room of a hat factory that had been abandoned for decades, just a few miles from my studio. Now reclaimed, the folded ribbon flourish mimicks Mitchell's quick, pointed brush strokes. 


The dramatic upturned brim frames a handshaped homburg crown. I finished this design with a welted brim edge, wirebound and secured with an invisible stitch.


Painting: Close up of "Red Tree," created by Mitchell in 1976.


Size: 22 1/2 long oval


See the "Sizing" section for more information about hat sizes and size adjustments.


I make all hats by hand in my studio in Oakland, California.

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