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Floating Feather Fedora

Floating Feather Fedora


A floating feather lifts the left side of this showstopping fedora. This hat features an asymmetrical crown that is slighter higher on the left. The wide kick-up brim adds a feeling of weightlessness as if the hat is always airborne. The finished shape is trimmed with a feather mount, matching vintage grosgrain, and a sweatband.


I’m delighted to feature a hat with this very special feather, the last of its kind. The tip of this goose feather is marbled in turquoise and coral (the same technique used to create marbled papers). I found this rare specimen wrapped in tattered tissue in Le Marche aux Puces in Paris— it is vintage French deadstock from the 1920s.


Size: 22 1/4"


See the "Sizing" section for more information on hat sizes and size adjustments.


I make all hats by hand in my studio in Oakland, California.

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