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Butterfly Hat in Black Walnut

Butterfly Hat in Black Walnut


An elegant chapeau in walnut velour with a wide grosgrain band folded to resemble a butterfly. The milkweed bushes near my studio hatched their host of Monarch butterflies the day I trimmed this hat. Inspired, I used my ribbonwork skills to fold a simple butterfly out of a single piece of grosgrain. This vintage grosgrain is the last on the spool, irreplaceable, and makes this hat unique.


The large brim turns up very gently. I hand-shaped this hat's porkpie crown into a soft, unique contour.  Perfect for strolling and promenading in your neighborhood. ⠀


Size: 23"

See the “Sizing” section for more information on hat sizes and size adjustments.⠀


I make all hats by hand in my studio in Oakland, California.

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