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Bumper Bowler in Mauve

Bumper Bowler in Mauve


A petite bowler with a bumper brim that curls under to frame the wearer's face. I bound the crown and brim edge in shades of turquoise--the color peaks playfully as the wearer moves their head. The crown and brim meet each other in a small sculpted pinch just above the right eye.  A real charmer!


I made this hat in melusine felt. Melusine is a thick, furred felt with lots of character. This felt can be left to shag for texture, or brushed to create high-shine swirls. My preference is to brush the felt with a little water, starting at the crown and working my way down and around the hat, always brushing in the same direction. For a more permanent shine, brush the felt with a small amount of clear wax polish or pomade.


Size: 22 1/2" round oval


See the "Sizing" section for more information on hat sizes and size adjustments.


I make all hats by hand in my studio in Oakland, California.

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